About school

In order to learn English, you need to fall in love with it. Our united family of teachers knows how to implant a love of this language, show its beauty, accept its queerness with humour, and easily overcome any barriers.

Oxford Klass is a cosy house, within the walls of which we have created an atmosphere of aristocratic and polite England, but brought our Ukrainian hospitality and spirit of adventure to it. We are not just «English Courses», where you come for a few hours and come away with a diploma. Oxford Klass is a fireplace and most delicious coffee. It is dinners with new friends, taking a place right in our restaurant. It is our Cinema Club, in which the films are shown in the original, as well as in good company. And finally, it is a complete immersion into the English language, its culture, and its subtleties.

Oxford Klass is more than English! Come and see for yourself!