Traditionally, we start the new school year at OXFORD KLASS English School with the Cambridge International Certificate Awarding Ceremony. The certificates were given to those students who had passed international English examinations.

On 15th October 2016, the Opening Day at DIM MK and OXFORD KLASS began with this solemn event. This year, it is a double celebration: we have opened a school at the new DIM MK and celebrated 100% successful examination!

Holiday greetings from Daryna Syzhuk (Cambridge English Speaking Consultment in Ukraine), warm words from Elizabeth Kurokov (Cambridge English Speaking assessment team leader in Ukraine), parting words from examiners, gifts from Cambridge English Assessment and OXFORD KLASS English School, as well as words of gratitude to parents, teachers, and excited faces of students have created an unforgettable and touching holiday atmosphere.

The variety of examinations (FCE, KET, PET, and YLE) is amazing. It gives us a reason to be proud of the high performance of our students!

The ceremony ended with stormy and prolonged applause by adults and the song “We Are the Champions” as a dedication to great effort, zeal, and thirst to win in both our little and adult students!

A musical gift from DIM MK was a small concert featuring a special programme of the Irish and Scottish inflammatory compositions by the incredible duet of children-violinists “Two Violins”.

We would like to thank all the participants for this unforgettable holiday!