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If your employees have to communicate with foreign colleagues soon, it will be especially important for them to overcome the language barrier and start communicating in English.

Employees can often maintain business correspondence in English for years, but cannot say a word when communicating face-to-face. It is absolutely normal for those who have had no possibility to communicate with foreigners yet overcome the language barrier freely. In this case, our Spoken English Course is just what you need!

In our course we will teach you how to:

  • Not only speak, but also write, read, and comprehend the English language by ear. Nevertheless, the primary objective of our course is the development of speaking skills.
  • Learn English grammar and constructions, as well as immediately using typical British English structures and expressions, rather than translating from Russian.
  • mdash; Work on pronunciation.
  • Produce fluent speech.

Corporate English at Oxford Klass are courses for employees with any level of language proficiency. Our task is to assign them to groups and train them as soon as possible.

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This complete course is specifically designed to develop all the skills needed to conduct business in English. In parallel with learning the basic rules of English business etiquette, we study topics related to your profession and boost your active vocabulary.

In our BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE we will teach you how to:

  • Maintain business correspondence;
  • Acquire communication skills in a professional environment;
  • Improve English listening comprehension;
  • Hold business meetings, presentations, and negotiations.

BUSINESS ENGLISH at Oxford Klass for:

  • Finance and banking management;
  • International trade;
  • Market research and advertising;
  • Management and business ethics;
  • Marketing;
  • Staff management.


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Our course will help aviation workers improve their English communication skills and the skills needed to work in international corporations.


  • Geography, topographic characteristics, countries, and nationalities;
  • Report on locations;
  • Animals and birds;
  • Health, medicine, standard and non-standard situations;
  • Transport, travelling, and vehicle types;
  • Weather, climate, and meteorology;
  • Feelings and perceptions;
  • Materials, structure, and component parts of an airliner.

You will learn how to:

  • Speak English fluently within the field;
  • Build up communication skills both in everyday and emergency situations;
  • Gain a professional understanding of the standards and requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization);
  • Develop speed and accuracy of memorizing by ear and relaying information and instructions;
  • Acquire the ability to understand questions and clarify information;
  • Conduct dialogues and respond to requests and orders;
  • Develop the ability to describe, report, and discuss professional issues.


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For those companies that want to develop international cooperation, our course will be helpful for teaching the laws of hotel business in English to their employees. ENGLISH FOR THE HOTEL INDUSTRY COURSE TOPICS:

  • Hospitality management;
  • Financial management;
  • Staff management;
  • Residence service;
  • Hotel headquarters;
  • Health and hygiene;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Fire safety;
  • Conferences and banquets;
  • Conflict resolution and complaints management.

You will learn how to:

  • Speak freely and persuasively, as well as solve problems in a professional context;
  • Gain an understanding of the theory and practice of the international hospitality business;
  • Maintain business correspondence and master telephone communication rules;
  • Prepare and write reports and instructions.


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The tourism business itself is associated with foreign languages, and English in particular as a universal language of communication. Our course will help you either work in the tourism industry successfully or develop your business. ENGLISH FOR TOURISM BUSINESS COURSE TOPICS:

  • Tourism industry structure;
  • Customer assistance;
  • Management of travel agencies and tour operators;
  • Geography of tourism;
  • Retail sales of tourist services;
  • Travel-related products;
  • Tourism and outdoor recreation;
  • Air transport;
  • Water transport;

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate in English with foreign colleagues, conduct business easily due to understanding business ethics of other countries, and the active enrichment of vocabulary;
  • Build up the concept of the theory and dive into international tourism business practice;
  • Prepare and submit information;
  • Hold business negotiations;
  • Keep a proper record of all business communication: correspondence and telephone.


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This is essential for those doctors who are going to share their experience with foreign colleagues and develop their professional skills on the international level. It is also important for medical sector employees who are going to emigrate to English speaking countries. The programme duration is 60 academic hours. MEDICAL ENGLISH COURSE TOPICS:

  • Medical terminology;
  • Diseases and symptoms;
  • Examination, prevention, and treatment;
  • Surgical and medical equipment;
  • Doctor-patient communication;
  • Speaking at international conferences;
  • Participation in discussions;
  • Business correspondence;
  • Business communication by telephone.

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate with foreign colleagues quickly and easily;
  • Communicate with people from different cultures;
  • Maintain business correspondence and documentation in English;
  • Prepare speeches and public appearances.


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It is a specialized course for either marketing and advertising sector workers or those who are interested in this field. It may also be useful for small companies and start-ups who do not have advertising and marketing departments, but want to learn how to run their business more efficiently, increase sales volume, and create a new image contributing to selling their products.

Our marketing and advertising English course will allow you to develop your professional skills independently, study market innovations from primary sources, and read professional literature in the original language. MARKETING, ADVERTISING, AND PR ENGLISH COURSE TOPICS:

  • Identification and processing of market queries;
  • Market segmentation and working with target audiences;
  • Product and brand promotion;
  • Pricing strategy;
  • Advertising;
  • Media activities;
  • Public relations;
  • E-commerce;
  • Global market management.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct business and interpersonal communication in English freely;
  • Maintain business correspondence in the field of marketing and advertising, correspondence, and preparation of reports;
  • Prepare and submit advertising information;
  • Prepare and make speeches, presentations, and public appearances;
  • Hold press conferences.


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It is impossible to imagine IT as one of the most promising and rapidly developing industries without English. Whether we want it or not, its origins lie precisely in the United States and United Kingdom.

The whole basis of IT is in English. All the information on recent developments can be found in the public domain on the Internet (videos, articles, conferences, etc.), but in English as well. An IT pro is a specialist, whose success is impossible without a good command of the English language. ENGLISH FOR THE IT INDUSTRY COURSE TOPICS:

  • Microsoft Word;
  • Microsoft Excel and tables;
  • Microsoft Power Point and presentations;
  • Microsoft Access and databases;
  • Computer configuration;
  • Types of computers;
  • Operating systems;
  • Programming languages;
  • Computer networks;
  • Computer viruses;
  • Internet access;
  • Web-design theory.

You will learn how to:

  • Express ideas distinctly and talk about achievements in the English language;
  • Maintain business correspondence and documentation in the field;
  • Acquire practical skills in the field of software products;
  • Gain an understanding of both current and future computer industry and information technology trends.


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This specialised English-language jurisprudence course is designed for those who want to work effectively in the field of international law. The programme duration is 50-70 hours. ENGLISH FOR LAWYERS COURSE TOPICS:

  • Legal system of the United Kingdom;
  • International law;
  • International jurisdiction;
  • The Law of the European Union;
  • Criminal law;
  • Law of taxation;
  • Property law;
  • Rights of both producers and consumers;
  • Employment law;
  • Commercial law;
  • Competition Act.

You will learn how to:

  • Speak English fluently in the professional field, as well as communicate with people from different cultures;
  • Improve general, social, and professional communication skills;
  • Write business letters and maintain correspondence;
  • Prepare reports and public appearances.


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This programme is specifically designed to improve finance and bank sector workers’ skills. It is tailored for companies entering the international arena. The programme duration is 50-70 hours. FINANCE AND BANKING ENGLISH COURSE TOPICS:

  • Sources and types of business financing;
  • Financial planning;
  • Financial reporting: balance sheet, cash flow statement, profits and losses;
  • Stock exchanges and financial markets;
  • Investment management;
  • Corporate banking;
  • Assets and liabilities;
  • Classification of costs;
  • Financial services for both individuals and companies.

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate freely with colleagues in the context of the business protocol due to the active enrichment of vocabulary in the field of economics and finance;
  • Gain practical skills enabling you to understand finance, economics, and financial services at a professional level;
  • Prepare reporting, maintain business correspondence and all documentation in the given field;
  • Prepare and make presentations;
  • Plan and conduct business meetings, negotiations, and briefings;
  • Conduct business communication by telephone.

Let's Speak with the World in One Language!

These days one doesn’t have to persuade businessmen, general and HR-managers that knowledge of English among the company employees has ceased to be just a pleasant bonus and has long become a “must” for developing companies. Methodology and the course programme depends on particular objectives and the time a company has at its disposal. Structure may differ from intensive two-week courses to fundamental programmes for English learning. There is a variety of programmes – general English course, business-English, a short-term speaking course, specialised course designed particularly for your company’s line of business (English for IT specialists, Medical English, Financial English, etc.)

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