Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of the University of Cambridge and has been providing English language assessments and qualifications for over 100 years

As a department of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge English Language Assessment shares the universities mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

Cambridge English Language Assessment contributed to the development of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its examinations are aligned with the CEFR levels.

Currently Cambridge English Language Assessment is a leading developer of more than 20 types of examinations and tests for both English learners and teachers. More than 5 million candidates pass Cambridge English Examinations annually. Cambridge English certificates are recognized by more than 20,000 organizations in over 135 countries, including the world’s leading companies, universities, and institutions.

7 reasons to choose Cambridge English Language Assessment:

  1. The examinations are designed considering situations of everyday life, work, and study.
  2. The examinations take into account the different levels of English competency and the scope of applicability of the English language.
  3. The examinations are intended for higher education, employment, and emigration.
  4. The examinations are provided with full support and a wide range of learning and teaching resources.
  5. The examinations are international and can be passed anywhere in the world.
  6. The examinations have got a fair evaluation system and reliable protection system.
  7. The examinations are constantly accompanied by the latest research and scientific developments in the field of linguistics.


Since 1994, we have trained more than 30,000 employees of Ukrainian companies


The only school in the CIS Which is included in the international association of elite Quality English Schools


All of our teachers are trained annually in Oxford


Official platinum centre of Cambridge exams

OXFORD KLASS English School, the Platinum Authorized Examination Centre (Cambridge English Language Assessment UA009) invites schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, universities, language schools, and English language courses to cooperate in the field of preparation for Cambridge examinations. If you already prepare pupils and students for taking Cambridge International Examinations or just intend to join this process, we invite you to become an authorized training centre and get all the benefits of this status.

The essence of our partnership: you inform and prepare candidates for taking Cambridge International Examinations and direct them to our centre. Depending on the number of candidates, who have passed the examinations within the year, you get the status from Initial to Gold and all the benefits of such status.

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