What are the PB and CB exams, as well as the difference between them?

Most Cambridge examinations have got two formats: PB (paper-based) and CB (computer-based). There is no difference in their duration, complexity, and tasks. The speaking part is also the same for both formats. The difference is the very format of the exam. If it is a paper-based exam, all candidates receive tasks in paper form and write down their answers in special paper sheets. The computer-based format presupposes performing all the tasks on a PC, but candidates must come to our examination centre as well.

Advantages of the paper-based format (PB):

  • You may make notes and highlight key points;

Advantages of the computer-based format (CB):

  • In the listening part, all candidates have got headphones;
  • In the writing part, the computer automatically calculates the number of the already written words;
  • You may get results and the certificate sooner;
  • Registration continues until the last week.

Besides, the exam format is not specified in the certificate.


How can I register for the exam? What is required for such registration?

All exams are held according to a strict timetable specified by Cambridge. You may register for the exam in two ways: leave an application on the OK website or call us +38 (044)229 29 99. In order to register, you need to specify the following data: your first and last name in English (as in your travel passport), e-mail and telephone, payment.


How can I pay for the exam?

After registration, our assistants will send you (via e-mail) bank details that are required for paying the examination. NB: you must indicate your surname and the exam you pay for. You can also pay in cash at the following addresses: Kyiv, 31 Yevhen Konovalets’ Street and 57B Bohdan khmel’nyts’kyi Street.


What is the duration and validity of the certificate?

All Cambridge English exam result certificates DO NOT HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE.


When and how can I get my certificate?

The certificates are delivered to our Examination Centre from Cambridge. If you have passed a paper-based exam, your certificate will be delivered within 2 months after the exam date; if the exam was a computer-based – within a 5 weeks. When the certificates are delivered, our assistants will contact each candidate and specify the way in which you would prefer to receive your certificate – either in our centre or we can send you your certificate via Nova Poshta.


Can I check my results online and how to do this?

After registering for the exams, all candidates will receive an email confirmation of registration Confirmation of Entry and Timetable. Your identification number (ID number) and secret number will be specified in this document. Each candidate will be given a link to the website https://candidates.cambridgeenglish.org/. After registering on the site, each candidate will be able to see their results INDEPENDENTLY.

*NB: please save the document, because sometimes employers, embassies, and other organizations can request that secret code and number in addition to the certificate.


Can I appeal the exam results?

Naturally, each candidate has the right to re-check their results. Such recheck includes two stages: 1. Formal check. 2. Actual check of the content. The cost of each stage depends on the exam and can amount from 17.5 to 82 pounds. You should refer to our examination centre in order to commence the procedure for rechecking.