Intensive Course of Gameplay Immersion into English

Intensive Course of Gameplay Immersion into English with the American-Ukrainian Theatre Director Oleh Liptsyn.

15 lessons-rehearsals will be held investigating and analyzing both situations and text of the play, creating the characters, their life and interacting on stage, working on monologues, dialogues, and gameplay episodes. All communication will be carried out only in English under the guidance of Oleh Liptsyn, the professional director, who works with American and European theatre actors.

The course will be completed by showing the prepared scenes and episodes – Showcase in American House.

Required level: B1 or higher
Required age: 18+
Training schedule: 2 times a week for 2 hours (120 min.)
Group size: 8-10 people
Duration of the programme: 15 lessons/1.5 months
Cost: 1 hour – 150 hryvnias (1 lesson – 300 hryvnias)
You can pay for each 5 lessons separately.
Starting dates: 1st October 2016 and 15th October 2016

Please register for the course here.

This method may be useful for those who:

  • Are fed up with traditional lessons with tutors;
  • Are tired of numerous courses;
  • Need practice in order not to lose their speaking skills;
  • Seek to get rid of the notorious language barrier;
  • Want to speak a modern language, not “bookish” one;
  • Want to try hand in acting…