A new programme and new discoveries will await you at the new place! The topic “Illustration and Its Place in the Modern World” is offered by us for a reason. Have you ever thought about why we need illustrations? Just imagine that your favourite books and magazines are without beautiful pictures. Just imagine advertising brochures consisting of continuous text. Finally, just imagine the world without comics, and you will understand how illustrations are important. They occupy a special, pioneering niche in the visual arts with good reason.

At our art camp, you will have a unique opportunity to not only learn the history of illustration in detail, but also try to create different kinds of illustrations in practice, experiment with stylization, and even create your own sketchbook with the sketches made during walks and excursions.

Moreover, our programme includes master classes in applied techniques, as well as acting and public speaking classes.

Please visit our camp and make a lot of new discoveries with us!

Working hours: 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
The cost of one camp session is 3,600 hryvnias (including hot meals and snacks, excursions and trips to the cinema and theatre).
For further registration, please call: +38 (095) 715 11 98, +38 (067) 744 36 35.
Venue: indoor Oxford School (str. E. Konovaltsia 31).