Teacher Training Course

The training course is based on the materials of the European Congress of Education 2016 PASE

Teacher Training is minimum theory, and maximum practice!

We would like to invite the teachers of English of the secondary general education institutions. The trainings are conducted by the teacher trainers of our school.

  • The course comprises of 2-hours interaction activities with  compulsory practice
  • Number of persons in the group:up to 10
  • Cost of participation per one person: UAH 350
  • Language of tuition: English 

ATTENTION! If 3 teachers from the same school attend the courses, the payment shall be made for only 2 people.

This course will be useful for you in case:

  • you do not have the sufficient teaching experience;
  • you haven’t given group classes before;
  • you are not very well-experienced in communicative language teaching.