TKT mock exam

18th October 2016 (4.00 p.m.)

OXFORD KLASS Examination Centre UA009 invites English teachers to participate in the TKT mock exam, which will take place in the context of the Opening Days at DIM MK.

We are going to organize the real exam day, during which all the participants will be able to complete the tasks of the three main TKT modules.

Price: 100 hryvnias

Seats are limited, so registration is required. Please call: + 38 (044) 229 29 99

22nd October 2016 (10.00 a.m.)

We invite you to participate in the TKT preparation mini training, during which our teachers, who are the international examiners, together with participants will consider common mistakes and give practical advice on passing the exam.

Duration: 2 hours

Participation fee: 300 hryvnias

TEACHING KNOWLEDGE TEST (TKT) is the exam for English teachers, who work with both children and adults.


  • The right to teach English abroad;
  • The incentive to upgrade your pedagogical and methodical skills;
  • The useful tool for teacher trainings;
  • The undeniable bonus when passing qualifications tests and participating in various competitions and grants.

TKT dates in 2016:

TKT Computer Based: 17th September, 15th October, 19th and 25th November, 3rd December
Registration for CB TKT ends 8 days prior to the exam.
The cost of one module is 1,400 hryvnias.

TKT Paper Based – you choose its date by yourself!
The cost of one module is 1,450 hryvnias.