Delta Module 1 Online Preparation Course

Couse registration deadline 19.09.2020
Course starts 19.09.2020

Exam Date 02.12.2020

Course description: the course moves from theoretical to practical and deeper analysis of necessary concepts and exam features. It contains 10 blocks (120 min each) covering all tasks of Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Course tutor: Marina Yesipenko.

Information about the tutor: Marina is a PhD student currently doing her research in Semiotics, Philosophy of Communication and Multimodality at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Holding MA in TESOL and Applied linguistics, Delta, IHCYLT and Celta, she has been a teacher, teacher trainer for 15 years, as well as a speaker at international ESL Conferences. Mostly keen on exam preparation strategies, she preaches the basics of Lexical Approach and the conventions of Multimodality, being a proponent of learner autonomy and Multiple Intelligences theory. At the same time she is convinced that teaching practices should be grounded on science and solid research findings. Her motto is: «Teaching is not only a profession but a vibrant and overwhelming lifestyle»

Date Time Lesson topic
19.09.2020 11:00-13:00 Language systems: Identifying appropriate language features.Analysis of lexical, grammatical, functional, phonological and discoursal features of language in use
26.09.2020 Methods and approaches to ESL
03.10.2020 Spoken discourse: genre, register, cohesion, organization and layout, lexis and grammar
10.10.2020 Written discourse: genre, register, cohesion, organization and layout, lexis and grammar
17.10.2020 Analyzing learner’s errors in spoken and written discourse. Identifying anticipated problems
24.10.2020 Assessment: concepts, terminology, types, purposes, application in the classroom
31.10.2020 L1 and L2 learning and acquisition. Analysis of resources, approaches and methodologies
07.11.2020 Analysis of learners and contexts. Teacher roles
14.11.2020 Evaluating materials
Course Fee 8000 UAH
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