Shifting from teaching to managing your product

Viktoriia Plishkova
Viktoriia was dreaming about teaching career since she was 6. Her dream not only came true but went far beyond her expectations. Teacher, methodologist, individual programs author, tutor, senior teacher, EFL consultant – these are the roles Viktoriia has experienced during her teaching career. Yet answering the question: “What do you do?” her reply is always the same: “Teacher of English”.
What’s the topic?
Shifting from teaching to managing your product
Viktoriia is a firm believer that  WICTOM principle is the key aspect of never-ending professional development that is why when she had to deal with product-management she simply couldn’t separate it from the teaching realia.
During  the webinar we will identify the reasons why every teacher can easily view himself as a product-manager and is you are not yet – will  identify the reasons for professional transformation and upgrade.
Who for?
Individual teachers, tutors, fellow-colleagues who feel stuck in a rut and in search of something new.
Cost of participation
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